“Babywearing is the way of life.” ~Brittany Beason, founder of Tropical Babywearing

For new parents navigating the world of modern baby gear there is so much information available online and in the giant retail stores.  It’s hard to know where to start and we were overwhelmed with the fancy products versus the evidence based research on the safety and necessity all of these products.  Babywearing was just one of the topics on which to begin intensive research.  When we first tried babywearing, we simply used the carrier someone had lent us and “figured it out”…it was terrible and both of us decided that our arms were more than capable of holding our sweet little love, “there’s only one of her, right?!”

Fast-forward 8 months, I was at my wits’ end and we needed something, my babe and I.  We needed HELP!  I worked a lot.  My daughter was a very attached child and I was loosing my mind trying to BE with her during the little time I had and still attend to our home.  I found a local group of mommies gathering to discuss babywearing, different carriers, and socialize.  I met their leader, and I scheduled a consult that was perhaps the most valuable investment I’ve ever made in my family.   I made up my mind fairly quickly to change more lives the way babywearing changed mine.  Here we are now, 5 years later, two more beautiful babies, and Tropical Babywearing is born.  Located in the heart of Stuart, Florida, Tropical Babywearing has a regular schedule of babywearing classes offered to the community at no cost.  We offer a whole host of other services as well, please check out our site and contact us with anything!  Thank you for coming by!


We offer free classes to the community here in Stuart, Florida.  Join certified babywearing educator Britt Beason to learn the safety aspects of babywearing and how infant development stages pertain to babywearing safely.  


Additional Services

Tropical Babywearing also offers a full range of services including private and small group consulting, on-site photo styling for your personal photo shoots, buying guide, and even online consulting.  Please contact us for more information.