"What you need to know before you GO!"

This is a FREE class brought to the community by the birth team at Abundant Life Birth Center and Brian Moriarty, DC with Loving Chiropractic.   Center for Babywearing Studies Trained Educator Britt Beason will be teaching, demonstrating, and answering any questions in a casual class and discussion around babywearing.

To search "babywearing" online will result in thousands of suggestions of different types of carriers, each type with their own long list of manufacturing companies boasting why their product is the best.   Tropical Babywearing operates with a goal to help fill the space between the consumer and the babywearer.  There are so very many different ways, and different carriers in which to wear your baby.   The stages of a newborn's physical, emotional, and biological development are of great importance.  How those stages apply to babywearing is a little more than a short explanation.  Britt's Babywearing Basics will smooth the development points out for caretakers, break-down the "types of carriers" mystery, and leave you with confidence that the choices you make regarding your purchases are sound choices for your and your child.  The benefits are, undoubtedly immeasurable to both caretaker and child.

As always, bring the whole family; children, partners and other caretakers are all welcome to join us! Attending during the second half of pregnancy is ideal, however we welcome everyone as many times as you care to join us.



"We are ready to leave the house, I feel like I don't remember anything from Babywearing Basics, HELP!"

Abundant Life Birth Center and Loving Chiropractic provide this follow-up to the basics course to our community at no cost on a limited basis. Most families attending this class have a very young baby, however we always welcome expectant parents and caretakers!  The class is a workshop style, and we cover a range of things depending on what the attendees each time are looking for.  I will make sure you can use a carrier that you bring with you, or let you try a few different types of things with instruction so that you can make a wise investment when you go to shop for your baby carrier.

The skills in this class are useful for newborn babywearing and THROUGHOUT the wearing years! Even parents and caretakers of older babies will find this class very informative and useful.

As ALWAYS, this is a family-friendly class.


Want MORE than the free classes have to offer?  Our exclusive small group classes offer a comfortable and fun way to learn more advanced wrap carries, back carries, or any other babywearing-related skills above our basic safety and informational classes.  Classes do vary in price and are not on a specific schedule.

If you are interested in a class on something that is not currently on our schedule, contact us for information and scheduling!