Life saving baby wearing

I knew long before I had my first that I wanted to baby wear. I didn’t know where to begin. When my son was 4 months, I met Brittany at a meet up. She helped so much! She has been an invaluable resource for me throughout the past four years of baby wearing and will continue to be a close resource for the future with my infant. Brittany is an excellent teacher who is patient, loving and invested in your bonding experience. She has assisted my bonding with my third son in ways I couldn’t imagine by allowing me to try out carriers as well as showing me how to use them. Thank you Brittany from Caleb, Gavin and Katy!

Katy Dyall

Babywearing saved my relationship with my kid

In a time when my job required me to be away from my daughter 6 days a week, finding babywearing truly saved my relationship with my daughter.

Brittany Beason